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Download & install Intelius.

Find anyone you want. An old friend, a long-lost relative, or a potential business client, use Intelius. This program is the most comprehensive people search & caller ID app on the market. 12 years of combing billions of public records and perfecting search technology has made it easy to find the person who you’re looking for. People profiles can include full name, address history, phone numbers, photos, work details, education history, relatives & more.


  • Search people by name or phone & you can find new contacts, sales leads, relatives…anyone!
  • Filters billions of public records to deliver robust, easy-to-read profiles
  • Continually updated with current phone numbers & addresses
  • Caller ID and reverse phone lookup lets you find out what phone number is calling
  • Keeps track of who calls you, so you can easily lookup any missed calls in the app
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